End of summer

The summer has ended, results are submitted, yet the Adofex evolves on. Since last report following changes happened:

Data exporting:

  • Users can now download Translations and Resources as ZIP files
  • Translated locale can be repacked on top of existing XPI file, to easily test your work
  • Both are substituting English strings for untranslated entities


Transifex as a project evolved from Fedora translation system emphasizes Resources too much, paying less attention to the Languages. As a temporary measure against it, an always-present Release called ‘All-Resources’ exists, and it has stats for all the languages and can serve as an entry point.

  • It was given more prominence, it is no longer buried under the fold. And Resource list is visible only to project maintainer.
  • It is now editable (#782), a feature that is gonna die with it through, when proper per-Language view lands.
  • Date inputs are spiffed with a jquery magic. Unfortunately, that breaks Tx’s autocompleter, so at the moment is used only for ‘All-Resources’.
  • Few layout improvements – fancy sticky footer was unaware that page can change its height dramatically when translation editor/viewer gets loaded
  • Pushed upstream tiny cleanups in Tx templates: #781, #783, #785.


  • Global ‘Mozilla’ project was created to host all the official teams
  • All newly created project start by their teams outsourced to Mozilla project by default.


As some of my patched were getting checked in, and some required refreshing, forked transifex repo was no longer a good option. So,

  • Patches now live in MQ patchset.
  • Main Adofex repo (together with issue tracker) lives on GitHub.
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