patch filed

  • Patch to ticket #89 in Transifex is filed
  • Previous patch reworked completely, Silme is not used anymore:
    • .properties reader was already in place, and supported more features of the format than Silme did. Except comments (which were absent), but handled multiline strings more correctly (did not forget to strip slashes and merge lines).
    • including entire library just for reading of .dtd files (writing was handled by Tx anyway) seemed like an overkill and unneeded complexity.
    • New and old handlers were compared on entire set of dtd and properties files living in mozilla-aurora.
  • Difference in behavior in Java and Moz-style properties is resolved in configuration. May be Glezos would want to make Moz-behavior main one, but anyway the ability to have both is a plus.
  • Comments are read for both kinds of .properties and in .dtd.

Not so good news: The project-creation wizard (import from github/bitbucket), dashboard etc – “stuff that makes interesting” – are closed source addons. Also, navigation issues and general unfriendliness to a localizer are all mine – no one else is currently working on them.

Thus, to make that cutie the next and better Babelzilla – a little more than the format support is needed. Dashboard, streamlined navigation, XPI-based newproject wizard (every addon author have an xpi, even if he does not have a source repo, so xpi-reading seems to be more important), just to name some. Working on.

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