Diving into Transifex

So far so good. My current task on the project is extending the Transifex system with new format, as an obvious start point and a foundation for the ongoing work. I enjoy working with Tx code (development tip), it is well commented and organized. Had few issues while installing the project (requirements.txt was out of date), but other than that the experience was smooth.

Among the other format readers there is Java .properties reader, which unfortunately works only with ISO 8859-1 encoding (other characters have to be represented as Unicode escapes). I plan to replace its reading code with Silme calls, along with writing DTD reader. The one thing to check is whether Silmefied .properties reader would supersede original one totally, or I would have to check which one to call. I would like to avoid that, as currently Tx picks file reader only by extension and magic number, which is obviously the same for Java and Mozilla .properties file.

Rounded up a few things besides of GSoC during during start of June, like the studies, and Thunderbird/Calendar localized release and can devote more time to the project now.

Next talk with mentor is scheduled to June 21th, and I hope to have working prototype by then.

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