GSoC: week 1

This year I was accepted into Google Summer of Code program, namely I will be integrating Transifex software localization platform with Mozilla addons. The complete proposal is available at GSoC site.

I had talks with Zbigniew, who will be my mentor for this project and Dimitris, leader of Transifex project. I am looking forward for working with both of them more deeply, but so far I am just diving into Transifex sources and rounding up my studies. The first and obvious thing to do it solving Transifex’s ticket #89, as other things go after that.

On a side note, I am amazed by how noisy GSoC mailing list is. Thank you, dear Google, for the Mute button! Update: Finally got my City card, tried to register it online, and lots of so-called “noise” on the list instantly started making sence. The main URL does not even open for non-US IPs, for starters.

Scheduled my next meeting with Zbigniew to June 7th, and we will probably have at least bi-weekly talks through the summer.

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