Link widgets Greasemonkey script

There is such a great, but unfortunately underused accessibility feature, called navigational links.

They go into the HEAD of the page, and tell people that this page is part of the sequence, giving clues what previous, next, first, last, upper in hierarchy page is. Very helpful. Always present on documentation pages, like

Opera provides navigational buttons using those links, Seamonkey too. For Firefox to use it, one have to install Link Widgets addon

It understands the LINK elements, and tries to guess page sequences on URLs, but that does not always help, and this is where The Script comes in. It reads html A’s on a page, and then inserts Links to the head.

So. Walkthrough:

  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Install Link Widgets.
  3. Disable link guessing in its preferences.
  4. Install the script
  5. Go to the some comic, and enjoy unified always-present site navigation 🙂

Supported: Sinfest , Dilbert, XKCD, The Noob and couple of others.

Future plans: More sites, some way of site-schemes updating, integration with Link Widgets addon?

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